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California Health Insurance Claim
Denial Attorneys

We are proud of the victories and settlements we have obtained for our clients
who have been the victims of unfair actions by their insurance companies.

⋅Health Insurance Disability


⋅Reconstructive Surgery

⋅Long Term Care Insurance

⋅Cancellation of Insurance Policies

⋅Mental Health Services

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The Health Insurance Attorneys At Nadrich & Cohen

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The Law Offices of Nadrich and Cohen represent policyholders who have been denied insurance coverage, treated unfairly by their insurance company, or who have been the victim of a bad faith insurance claim denial.

We handle cases throughout California.

The health insurance attorneys at Nadrich & Cohen and its partners pursue class actions against California health insurance companies on behalf of those who have been wrongfully denied medical treatment or medical coverage by their own Insurance Company.

We and our partners have successfully resolved claims practice violations against many of the major California health insurance companies, including: Anthem, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, CIGNA, Health Net, Kaiser, Met Life, New York Life, Pacific, United Health Care, Unum, and others. Simply put, we pursue for our clients bad faith insurance claims in instances when the insurance company has refused to provide medical coverage under a health insurance plan.  We will file a lawsuit claiming that the Insurance Company breached its insurance contract with you by denying your claim.

We are contingency lawyers and handle everything on a contingency. There is never a charge to you until we obtain a recovery.

If you have a claim, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf. We know it is stressful for you. We will never charge you unless we make a recovery. We have ample resources to fight back for you and to get you or your loved one the medical treatment you need. And remember, there is no charge to you for hiring us.

We know insurance law, let us help.

Let An Experienced Insurance Law Attorney Fight For You

If you have been denied treatment or a benefit under your medical plan you may have a claim. Please contact our offices at 1-800-722-0765 as soon as possible.  We have experts ready to talk to you.

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“I would like to thank Nadrich & Cohen for all the work that was performed by their staff on my claim, I was very impressed with your work on my case, not once did I ever had to call your office to find out what the status was on my claim, your company always called me or emailed me to give me status of my claim. i will highly recommend your Law firm. Thanks again”

- Larry Jimenez, Pico Rivera, CA

“I am very happy with Nadrich & Cohen. The first law firm I had, I was not happy with because they seemed pushy and not reliable, so I switched and I feel very confident that Nadrich and Cohen will reach and agreement that I will be very happy with. When speaking to them on the phone, they were very friendly and helpfull especially with what needs to be done as far as paperwork and such. The computer program for the paperwork was really simple. Thank you so much N&C for all the help you have given me!! ”

- Leana Yaffe, Torrance, CA

“This law firm is very organized, efficient, and quick with their work. The process ran very smoothly and the service was great. Strongly recommended to anyone.”

- Jonathan Limhengko, Sacramento, CA
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